Our Boat Club was founded on the 18th February 1970 by the Australian Postal Institute SA/NT Division of the Australian Post Office. They provided financial,administrative and legal support which facilitated site acquisition and the provision of our original clubhouse from the Migrant Hostel at Rosewater during 1972.
Our foundation members contained a high proportion of Professional Engineers, Building Specialists, Senior Electrical and Technical Officers as well as many trades specialists. Much use was made of their many talents combined with the access to heavy machinery from the ”firm'” which greatly facilitated the establishment of our facility from a mangrove covered estuary basin to what we enjoy now.
Club members over many years have attended numerous working bees to build the initial facility and to carry out the necessary ongoing general maintenance at the site. If it was not for their hard work and countless hours invested there would not be an Angas Inlet Boat Club.

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